Wide-open, spacious life

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As we are diving in, prayerfully planning the mission trip, talking with ministries down in the Dominican, learning about their heartbreak, their rescues, their victories. As we share about trafficking with our friends and church families. As I personally dive … Continued

The gospel in action

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I shared my heart with my church family this morning, at our Sunday service in the park. If you missed it, and are wanting to plunk down for a good, long read….here ya go:) I’ve been asked to share with … Continued

A village of safe homes

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I have read so many good books lately. One of my favourites was written by a smart, witty, Jesus-loving author, Jennifer Hatmaker. 7: An experimental Mutiny Against Excess chronicles Jennifer’s seven months of giving up excess in areas such as … Continued


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It was an overcast day in the bustling city of Paris. I was 19, traveling alone, perusing the markets and taking in the sights at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. So young and naive, I thought nothing of the … Continued

I wanna be a sheep

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My eyes are being opened. To what true religion is. I love leading others to worship and pointing to Jesus. But, the Lord is tugging at my heart. There’s more He wants me to do. I don’t want to be … Continued

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