rescue.  restore.  hope.  freedom.


Hope Aglow exists to raise awareness to the issue of human trafficking, locally and abroad, specifically in the Caribbean region of Latin America. We also connect, inspire and empower those around us to join the movement to end modern slavery.

In 2001, Hope Aglow’s founder, Teresa Braam, was rescued from the grip of traffickers on a solo backpacking trip in Europe. It is now her heart’s desire to see others rescued from a life of trafficking, and restored to live a life in freedom.
Hope Aglow Team

The vision spread, and a small team (Nich, Teresa, Danielle & Ryan), united with that same desire, traveled to the Dominican Republic. They visited and supported anti-trafficking organizations on the ground, and left inspired. Hope Aglow is now partnered with those organizations, committed to providing them with funds and support, as they reach out to some of the world’s most vulnerable.

We invite everyone to join us in the movement to end human trafficking. Our jewelry store showcases unique, handcrafted pieces made by artisans both locally and in poverty-stricken regions in Haiti & the Dominican. All proceeds {every penny} go straight to our anti-trafficking partners on the ground. Your jewelry purchase makes a huge impact- offering hope to young women and empowering a new generation of girls at a safe house.